The Petrosea Whistleblowing System is a communication channel that can be used by internal and external stakeholders such as employees, customers, suppliers, etc., to report inappropriate behavior or suspected wrongdoing by an employee that is perceived as a fraud, bribery, misappropriation, cheating, violation of Company Regulation, Code of Conduct, prevailing law, or in a conflict of interest.

Communication Channel

Report and its supporting evidence can be submitted by issuing an e-Form by clicking the button below :

Please do not report: Personal issues, hearsays/gossips, e.g. adultery, personal rivalry, etc.

View Case Status

To check the status of violation reporting that has been made before

Guarantee of Confidentiality

Company guarantees :

  • Identity of the reporter/whistleblower will be held confidential.
  • Protection against any threats, intimidation, harmful act, or unpleasant acts from any party as long as the reporter keeps the reporting confidential.
  • Protection for all parties who carry out investigations as well as those who provide information related to the report.
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