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PT Petrosea Tbk. will not disclose your personal identity as a whistleblower, since we focus only to the information that you have given.
Whistleblowing Form
Fraudulent Financial Statements/Accounting Process
Conflict of Interest
Theft / Embezzlement
Collussion and Nepotism
Non-compliance against Code of Conduct, Company Regulation, or Law
Other Optional. Please fill if choose other.
Optional. Please fill your valid email address, to allow you to access the Case Number and for further contact.
What (what is the activity that indicated to a violation)
Where (where is the activity performed)
When (when is the activity performed)
How (how is the activity performed (way, technique, etc))
Name (name of person involved) 0
Position (position of person involved)
Company (company of person involved)
Maximum size per file is 10 MB and in PDF, Photo or Video format

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